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Visual Studio external tools

While working with Visual Studio often we need to use other tools. If you go to Visual Studio ‘TOOLS’ menu option you can see that already there are some external tools. You can add other tools there of your choice and need. For example I want to use assembly disassembler while working with Visual Studio. I can open ILDASM every time from navigating the location which is need inside the folder structure of ‘Program Files’ and ‘Microsoft SDK’ or I can attach this to Visual Studio external tool and open right from there. It will save a lot of time and make you productive. To attach a new external tool, go to ‘TOOLS’ menu then ‘External Tools’ and a pop up will open where you can give a name of your menu option for the tool, give location of the tool etc. Depending on what type of tool you are attaching you may need to give other information. Then click on ‘OK’. Now you can see a new menu option under Visual Studio ‘TOOLS’ menu which points your newly added external tool. When you click on there it will open.

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Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC 4.0

Scaffolding is one of the nice feature in ASP.NET MVC. The main purpose of scaffolding is it creates a starting point of code for you. Whatever application you are developing, you need to create Controller, Action Methods, Views and probably a database connection. Without scaffolding you need to do almost similar kind of job every time. It actually save some of your time by creating the basic code structure for you, on which you can start your work. You can change the scaffolding code to meet your exact requirement. Keep in mind that scaffolding code is not the final application code. It is just a starting point from you need to continue. If you are not happy with the way scaffolding works. You can change it. You can configure it to create basic starting code structure of your choice.

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