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Microsoft Authenticator app

I blogged about two steps authentication before. You should enable two steps authentication in all your online main services (like email, blog). I am using this with my Microsoft account.

The idea is there are two steps in log in process. The steps are:

  1. In the first step you give user name or email id and password as usual to log in.
  2. In the second step, if the email id or user name and password combination is correct, then a SMS will come to your phone or an email will come to your alternate email with one time use security code. You need to enter that security code to log in.

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Two step authentication

Web applications become smarter day by day. At the time of birth it was nothing but some static source of information. Now we use them everyday not only for information but many other utilities like email, banking, shopping, social networking and many more. Now web applications can offer personalized view for different users depending on the user’s identity. By the process in which we can send our identity to a web application is called Membership(login). The normal procedure of login is we need to provide user name and password and web application identify ourselves. In the path of becoming popular it has been always a big concern about the security of web based applications. There are number of ways to hack your account. The good news is, there are number ways to protect your account also. The new addition to this list is Two Step Authentication.

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