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‘Get Involved’ is now free on Pluralsight

I saw Get Involved last week. One of the best video created by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery. Now you can see it on Pluralsight for free. This video offer nice suggestions and advice for the software developer. Every developer should watch it.  I am very thankful to Pluralsight to make it possible for everyone to see free of cost on the internet.

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StackOverflow career

StackOverflow Career

StackOverflow Career

We all know about the success of StackOverflow site. It is a question and answer site and very popular and useful. You can find many search result in Google which is pointing to StackOverflow. If you have a programming problem then before going to anywhere else search StackOverflow and there is a good chance that you will get a good help. Not only programming problem they have other sections also like photography, home interior decoration etc. Go and check it out here. You can find out the other sections from the footer.

StackOverflow has a career section also which is for crating job portfolio and finding your desire job. Employers and employees both can use it. I like the profile of StackOverflow career very much. The particular layout they have given for your profile and in that you can give almost every details of your career as a developer. Like your experiences, educations, favorite technologies, favorite tools etc. Some features which I like most are that you can connect your other stuffs in your profile page, like your StackOverflow account, your best answers on StackOverflow, your GitHub/CodePlex account. You can also connect your blog, your favorite books/articles which you read or write.

But this account is invitation based. That means some one who is on StackOverflow career have to invite you. If you have not any invitations, then you can contact with StackOverflow career team and give your stuff links to apply to create a profile there (I have crated my profile in this way). If they think you have enough good stuffs then they will allow you to proceed.

I was using my linkedIn profile as my main resume, but now on with so much good features I will use StackOverflow career profile as my main professional profile as a developer. You can find my StackOverflow career profile at the follow section of my blog.

My StackOverflow career profile here.