Foreign Key Constraint to better performance

At the time of software development, we usually do various types of input validations. At web application client end, at server end, at business logic, at database layer etc. To validate input data at database label is done with database constraints. By using this we can prevent invalid data to enter in database and thus …


Create SQL Server store procedure with .NET Framework

We can create store procedures, user defined functions, user defined data types with T-SQL in SQL Server. But T-SQL has limited support and optimization for our business logic implementation. I am not a big fan to write business logic in SQL Server, though some times we need to write some critical logic in SQL Server. …

Database problem – Lesson 1 to 3

In this case I am not giving my codes in blog but you can find it in GitHub. Please follow the following links to find the problem and solution. Again this is not dependent on any particular database technology like I am using MS SQL Server here. Lesson1 Lesson2 Lesson3