Online security

We are becoming digital. But there are some points we need to follow to be safe online.  Please follow the below points to be secure online.  Do not click on any unknown links in email or WhatsApp even if the link is being sent by your known person. Do not share any bank details online. … Continue reading Online security


Cross Site Request Forgery Attack

Today I am talking about ‘Cross Site Request Forgery’ attack. In short form it is called ‘CSRF’. It is a common way of security threat in web applications. If you are a web developer, you need to protect your web application from this kind of security threats. By the way I am using ‘ASP.NET Core’ … Continue reading Cross Site Request Forgery Attack

Two step authentication

Web applications become smarter day by day. At the time of birth it was nothing but some static source of information. Now we use them everyday not only for information but many other utilities like email, banking, shopping, social networking and many more. Now web applications can offer personalized view for different users depending on … Continue reading Two step authentication