Upload calender to Outlook.com

This is another very productive¬†feature of Outlook.com. Normally you use at least one calender in your Outlook.com account. You can upload other calenders to your account. For example I have total 5 calenders in my Outlook.com account (work, birthday etc). When I log in to my account and go to calender, I can see all … Continue reading Upload calender to Outlook.com


Starting with Outlook.com

Gmail has the biggest popularity in personal email market. Though many other email solutions are there which are not bad. One of them is Outlook.com. It has clean UI, nicely integrated with social network like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Previously it was Hotmail. I am using Hotmail and now Outlook.com for many¬†years. My experience is … Continue reading Starting with Outlook.com

Organizing mails in Outlook.com

I blogged about organizing mails before. We can create folders and categories to organize our mails in almost all major email providers in the internet. Like Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo Mail etc. Not only creating folders and categories you can also create rule to automatically organize your incoming mails. If you are using email client like … Continue reading Organizing mails in Outlook.com