Mars’ Atmospheric Loss

According to NASA, billions year ago there is liquid water in Martian surface. Today Mars is dry, cool and a dead planet. The Martian atmosphere is very thin today (almost 1% of the Earth atmosphere). Billions year ago Martian atmosphere was not so thin. NASA's recent study has found a reason for this. The reason is … Continue reading Mars’ Atmospheric Loss


Spot The Station

Many times I thought that if I see moon on the sky then why not the human made space satellites from earth? I find the answer when I search a little bit about NASA and its projects. The answer is yes; we can see International Space Station from earth with our naked eye. Naked eye? … Continue reading Spot The Station

‘Solar System’ information

You probably know that NASA found real water flowing sign on ‘Marc’ surface. I was just searching the internet about that news. I found a good website with information related to our ‘Solar System’. The website is created by NASA. The important thing is, the information is for common people and written in a very … Continue reading ‘Solar System’ information