Email thread in Outlook

Email is still the most popular way of communication throughout the world. The most popular email for personal use is Gmail and for enterprise use is Exchange and Outlook. Outlook is basically an email client. It has many features which are good in comparison with Gmail. One particular thing is email thread structure.

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Gmail in Windows Phone

In this mobile first world everyone wants to configure email in their phone. The most important advantage to have email in phone is, you can check and reply your important email on the go. Gmail is the most popular personal email service currently. You can configure Gmail into your Windows Phone also.

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Organizing mail with labels in Gmail

Many time I get requests for tutorial like post of various Gmail features. I blogged about, how we organize our mail with before. This post is about Gmail’s label. Label is like folder in Gmail. We can organize mails using labels in Gmail.

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Email signature in Gmail

I wrote about email signature before. It is a text which automatically append at the end of email body. How should one design email signature depends on personal preferences. It should be short and informative. If you are sending email to someone who do not know you, then signature comes into play which is holding some information about you. There are some guidelines on what should be a good email signature which I pointed out in my previous post about email signature. Also some company has its own policy in email signatures. They use long text including company details and even company logo also. For your personal email account you can give your personal information on that. For example I use to give my personal website URL in personal email signature.

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