Git support for Visual Studio 2013

The Git support in Visual Studio 2013 is nice. It has nice tools to work with Git. You can work with local Git repositories, as well as you can push your code to any online Git supported repositories like Visual Studio Online, GitHub, CodePlex etc. It has almost all tools like GitHub for Windows. You … Continue reading Git support for Visual Studio 2013


GitHub Resume

Git is a distributed version control system. GitHub is a social coding platform. You can publish your Git projects on GitHub. You can work with open source projects and publish them on GitHub. You can form other’s project and contribute on their coding and finally send a pull request to them. You can build up … Continue reading GitHub Resume

‘Get Involved’ is now free on Pluralsight

I saw Get Involved last week. One of the best video created by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery. Now you can see it on Pluralsight for free. This video offer nice suggestions and advice for the software developer. Every developer should watch it.  I am very thankful to Pluralsight to make it possible for everyone … Continue reading ‘Get Involved’ is now free on Pluralsight

Demo on TDD – new GitHub repository

Today I have published a new repository at GitHub. A demo application on how we should design our application so that we can test it. It is a test driven development approach. Before implementing the actual code write the test case and let that be failed. Then implement the logic to pass the test case. … Continue reading Demo on TDD – new GitHub repository