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WordPress blog page source

If you are a web developer or designer, you probably sometimes hit the developer tools of your favorite browser. Today I am looking at the page source of my website. My website is hosted on wordpress.com and I found the html structure is very compact and easy to read. I am using Developer Tools of Internet Explorer today.

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New F12 tools in IE 11

As a web developer we need to debug our code in web browser. Those days are gone when developers use numerous numbers of alert to debug code. Though Visual Studio has powerful tools to debug client side code, often you need to debug code in web browser. Also remember not all web developers working with Visual Studio. Every web browser has a set of developer tools integrated with them. We all know about FireBug project. FireFox and Google Crome has good developer tools which can be very helpful at the time of coding and debugging. IE had a little old developer tools with version 10. Now Microsoft decided to update their web browser developer tools with some new touch to remain in the web browser competition.

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