2015 in review

I have a personal target to post a single article in a week. I am blogging sience 2011 and never meet that target. There are four weeks in a month in average. In this way there are 48 weeks in a year (2015 has 52 weeks in total). My total post in 2015 is 49. So somewhat first time I meet my target in this year. 2015 is a good year for my blogging. I want to thank you all my readers.

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WordPress.com reader

Wordpress.com Reader

We all know that Google Reader was a very good feed reading service. Many people used Google Reader. After the end of Google Reader many new people faced problem to read feed on the internet. Thankfully many new services come into play in feed reading market. One of the popular player in Feedly. I use Feedly and I wrote about it in my previous blog posts.

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