UG Meet on 14th January 2012

Last saturday I joined an event on .NET Framework. I am posting the agenda. Topic Speaker Extensibility in Application using MEF Abhishek Sur Asynchronous Handlers In ASP.NET By Zinia Sarkar Zinia Sarkar You can download the code and presentation from my SkyDrive public folder. Download You can also take a look of some beautiful pictures … Continue reading UG Meet on 14th January 2012


Favorite links, 17th January 2012

Review: top three laptops for your home Make Your Cubicle a Better Place to Work Yes, being easily found by search engines is important (even for education!) Diffen: Compare and Contrast Online Tool Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Windows Phone Enters the Smartphone Wars Windows Phone speeds grill iPhone 4S and Android in “Smoked by … Continue reading Favorite links, 17th January 2012

Polymorphism in software development

The word is ‘Polymorphism’. Greek origin. Meaning is different functions under same interface. For example, steering of a car. It may be manual steering or power steering. Their internal function is different. But for a driver steering interface is same. So that one driver can drive with two types of steering. There is no need … Continue reading Polymorphism in software development