MSDN Sample – WCF

Software development approaches are becoming better day by day. First development was done using procedural programing. Then object oriented programming was introduced. Now service oriented architecture (SOA) become the main stream standered of many application. Microsoft’s new approach towards SOA is Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). From .NET Framework 3.0 they introduced WCF. In WCF Microsoft … Continue reading MSDN Sample – WCF


Visual Studio 2010 – First Impression

More than 3 years and 6 months I am working with Visual Studio. First I was a software trainer then developer. We all know Visual Studio is a very good Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to work with Microsoft technologies. Because my main expertise area is ASP.NET and C#, I have to work with Visual Studio … Continue reading Visual Studio 2010 – First Impression

Database Independent Application

All most every application there is a need to store data some where permanently. You can use file system, xml file or database. In database relational format is very popular. The example of relation database management systems (RDBMS) are Microsoft Sql Server, Oracle, My Sql, Microsoft Office Access etc. To work with databases .NET Framework … Continue reading Database Independent Application

Multilayered architecture

Before my job as a software developer I was a software trainer. Being a software trainer I learned many things related to software engineering. But I knew very little about what is called multilayered applications. Why we use multilayered applications? Currently I know at least something about this fine and useful approach of software engineering. … Continue reading Multilayered architecture