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Political views

I often see that people are asking each other about what political party they support. There are some people who always supports a single political party even when that party is doing things which are not right. I wonders in my mind that is it necessary to always support a single party!

Every party do things which are good and sometimes bad for common people. As common people we should evaluate those acts from a non biased point of view and give our votes. This should be our responsibility in a democratic country. So lets appreciate good work and criticize bad work of a political party. We are the judge and not the part of a particular political party.



Christmas tree


India is a secular country. There are many religions here. Indians are famous for celebrating festivals from different religions. Christmas is one of our favourite festival. I really like the idea of a Christmas tree. But I never got a chance to create a tree in my home before.

From the last two years we (my family) have managed to create a Christmas tree in our home. It is not very big but not the smallest one. We bought the tree and the accessories to decorate from market in the last year. Then we decorate this ourselves and place it in a table top. We also have used some chain lights around the tree in part of the decoration. Overall it is a small homemade Christmas tree in our home.

Personal communications

There are many tools for communication. Many we use in organization. Email is the most dominated communication platform in business. But other chat based communication platforms are getting popular like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

In my company we use email as our primary communication platform. But what about your personal life? In our family and extended family we need a proper communication solution. Is it ok to use email for family communication? Or chat based solution like iMessage and WhatsApp is enough for that. I am searching solution for this for some time now. I feel email has the power to better archive message which is good for finding important messages in future. But messenger are easy to use but it is difficult to find message from a chat in future. It has a disadvantage of not threaded communication also.

So what is your thoughts give comments below.

Earth hour

We should take care of our Earth because we live here. It’s gives us many things which are necessary to live and we take them for granted. But if we do not take care of them and protect them, then someday may come when those necessary supports are become less.

Every day we do many things which cause carbon emission. ‘Earth Hour’ is an initiative to give us a reminder to this fact. This event is held every year at the end of March for one hour from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM local time. During this time, we should turn off non-essential lights to reduce carbon emission in the environment. This is to show our commitment towards the earth.

Read more about ‘Earth Hour’ here.

Our blue planet is beautiful and we should take care of it, after all this is our home.


Online security

We are becoming digital. But there are some points we need to follow to be safe online. 

Please follow the below points to be secure online. 

  • Do not click on any unknown links in email or WhatsApp even if the link is being sent by your known person.
  • Do not share any bank details online.
  • Do not download free apps which has low rating in app store. Do not download apps which are not in app store (side loading).
  • Do not use same password for more than one account. Change your password at least after three months.
  • Use updated software in your device. Check for any updates in your operating system in every month.
  • Use two steps authentication wherever possible. 

Follow the above points to be secure online. Teach people to be safe online.