Earth hour

We should take care of our Earth because we live here. It’s gives us many things which are necessary to live and we take them for granted. But if we do not take care of them and protect them, then someday may come when those necessary supports are become less.

Every day we do many things which cause carbon emission. ‘Earth Hour’ is an initiative to give us a reminder to this fact. This event is held every year at the end of March for one hour from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM local time. During this time, we should turn off non-essential lights to reduce carbon emission in the environment. This is to show our commitment towards the earth.

Read more about ‘Earth Hour’ here.

Our blue planet is beautiful and we should take care of it, after all this is our home.


Online security

We are becoming digital. But there are some points we need to follow to be safe online. 

Please follow the below points to be secure online. 

  • Do not click on any unknown links in email or WhatsApp even if the link is being sent by your known person.
  • Do not share any bank details online.
  • Do not download free apps which has low rating in app store. Do not download apps which are not in app store (side loading).
  • Do not use same password for more than one account. Change your password at least after three months.
  • Use updated software in your device. Check for any updates in your operating system in every month.
  • Use two steps authentication wherever possible. 

Follow the above points to be secure online. Teach people to be safe online.


My new page on

One of the Microsoft’s new service is Here you can upload your documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, PDF etc. Also you can write journal, create an about page. It is a personal online space and it is free. The about page is created with Microsoft Online Sway.

I was trying this for last couple of days and I like it. I have uploaded my resume and create an about page there (which is still in progress). You can find my page on here.

You can give a try to and hope you will like it.


Quite hours

I have many non technical friends, who sometimes become irritate because of too many information coming toward them through emails and messenger. They blame their computer and smart phone. I think this is a real problem of many of us. Many times when I try to concentrate and suddenly my phone pops up because of some notification. But that is not the fault of the device but fault of our system. If our system is not working we need to change that.

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