I am a software developer and engineer. I born in Kolkata, India and completed education from there. I got a bachelor degree in Information Technology from ‘Bengal Institute of Technology’ under ‘WBUT’. 

I started my working career as a software trainer at ‘Hard Soft Information System’ in the year of 2007. I used to give training mainly on web technologies, Microsoft .NET Framework and C# programming language. During that time I began to realize what are the things I need to know to build a successful career in software industry. I started exploring the object oriented programming concepts and web programming with Microsoft .NET Framework. I joined ‘DPS Technologies Pvt Ltd’ as a junior software developer in 2010. I came to know how software has been developed and got some practical experience. Being a trainer I always be very strong in theoretical knowledge and that helps me in development. In 2012 I resigned from DPS because of lack of projects and joined Web Spiders as a application programmer. I worked in two projects with ASP.NET and C# in web spiders. I came to know how communicate with clients and worked in a very pressure situation. One and half year later it is time to say goodbye to web spiders and joined Cognizant Technology Solutions. I am working here for more than three years now. Communicating with client, requirement analysis, solution design, implementation, unit testing and integration test support are my main responsibilities. 

Upto now throughout my career I worked with ASP.NET and C#. I really inspired to good solution design and writing good code. I found ASP.NET MVC very interesting when it was first came out. I feel the importance of understanding the concept over implementation details. 

Apart from coding I also like to read and watch movies. I follow many people over internet by their blog, twitter and YouTube. If you want to follow me please reach me on twitter (@DeveloperArnab).