Cross Site Request Forgery Attack

Today I am talking about ‘Cross Site Request Forgery’ attack. In short form it is called ‘CSRF’. It is a common way of security threat in web applications. If you are a web developer, you need to protect your web application from this kind of security threats.

By the way I am using ‘ASP.NET Core’ to discuss the implementation today. But you can find similar approach in another version of ASP.NET.

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My new page on

One of the Microsoft’s new service is Here you can upload your documents including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, PDF etc. Also you can write journal, create an about page. It is a personal online space and it is free. The about page is created with Microsoft Online Sway.

I was trying this for last couple of days and I like it. I have uploaded my resume and create an about page there (which is still in progress). You can find my page on here.

You can give a try to and hope you will like it.


Product review on internet

Internet has changed the way we shop new products. In old age we usually depends on company advertisement and some offline people reviews. But we all know that advertisement is a little biased by company and company creates the advertisement to sell the product. To know actually about the product we need review by actual users. Actual users review was limited without internet. But now a days with internet we have the opportunity to get actual user review very easily. There are many forums where you can get actual user reviews. The online shopping websites also publish certified buyer’s reviews. After buying a product you can also write your review to online forums or your shopping website on that particular product page.

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Email ‘backup’ and ‘archive’ with Outlook

We can manage our email with ‘Microsoft Outlook’ very easily. It has many powerful features with which we can work and manage our emails. It is the best email client for the ‘Windows’ desktop. The particular features on I am talking about today is ‘Backup’ and ‘Archive’ of emails.

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