Email vs messenger

Today I saw a blog post from ‘office blog’  about future workplace productivity. In that post there are couple of sections. Every sections are talking about today’s work approach and how it is changing towards future approach. For example today business communications are mainly done with email. In future it will be done with messengers. Second example is, today we use mostly office for work. In future we will see more remote work habits. Third is about cubicles and open floor plan. Continue reading “Email vs messenger”

Just 24 hrs in a day

Everyday we need to do many things like our work and personal things. But time is finite for a day with 24 hours. It is a common problem for everyone to manage time efficiently in those 24 hours. I hear people tell that, so many tasks to do and so little time and how to manage time etc. It is hard to manage time and our own workflow in just 24 hours. Sometimes we sleep less, give less time to family and remove low priority tasks.

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Automate life with IFTTT

​I wrote about IFTTT before. It is one of my favorite service on internet. We all use many services on the internet. It is always good if we can connect those services together. Yesterday I was playing with various recipes in IFTTT. Some are those I fond very useful for my Android phone. 

First I have installed the IFTTT and IFTTT Do button Android app from Google Play Store. Then I have connected the services like email, android phone call and SMS, so that I can connect them together. 

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Cross Site Request Forgery Attack

Today I am talking about ‘Cross Site Request Forgery’ attack. In short form it is called ‘CSRF’. It is a common way of security threat in web applications. If you are a web developer, you need to protect your web application from this kind of security threats.

By the way I am using ‘ASP.NET Core’ to discuss the implementation today. But you can find similar approach in another version of ASP.NET.

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