In the last month I went to Digha for a very short trip which was only for two days. From childhood I went to Digha many times by bus but this is the first time I use train. Train journey is better than bus.

I took a train from Howrah 6 in the morning which reached Digha by 10. Our hotel was booked which was in the old Digha. After checking in the hotel we took some rest and went to New Digha by Toto (small battery powered car). At the time of return we walked along the sea beach in the evening. Sunset is always mind-blowing in sea.

In the next morning we went to a new beach beside old Digha. Government is doing beautification work along the sea beach from old Digha to Mandarmoni. Also there is work in progress for a beach side road. We took a rental car for Mandarmoni. Mandarmoni is not as crowded as Digha. If you like quite places then Mandarmoni will be good for you. Also the sea beach is very nice there. On that day in the evening we returned by train from Digha to Howrah.

There are some things which I did first time in this trip.

  • I took train to go to Digha.
  • We took an AC room there.
  • Our room’s TV worked.
  • I went to Mandarmoni.
  • We completed Digha trip within only two days.

Story point

It has been 8 months my team is working with agile method. One of the challenge people face in agile when they come from waterfall method is story point estimation.

We use Fibonacci series for story point estimation. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. We assign a point to each story depending on complexity and development time. Higher number is more complex story and more time need to develop that one. It is hard to estimate in days but easy to give points by comparing the story with other stories. For example, if you say that to make a cup of tea you need 2 points then to cook rice you may need 3 points because making rice is more complex or time consuming than making tea. In this way you can compare stories with eachother and give them story points.

2.0 movie

I recently saw 2.0 movie. This movie is the second part of the famous movie ‘Chitti’. The story is a science friction. The movie is giving a particular message and that is how mobile phone’s signal radiation killing birds.

This subject is something on which lots of research is going on. Lots of discussion is happening specially around 5G rollout. There are lots of debate going on around the fact that, is mobile network is bad for birds or not. But the point which I want to point out here is, there are many situations where operators used to increase signal strength to compete with each other. Some times this goes beyond safe limit. This is bad for not only birds but also human.

We should keep it in our mind that technology is to help us and not for making harm in the environment and other animals. We can’t survive in this world alone. Every animal is essential to keep balance in the environment.

Scrum session

Some days ago I joined a session on scrum. The speaker of the session was the assistant director of our department and also a certified scrum master. The session was very good. The speaker was not trying to teach us everything about scrum in a couple of hours time. But he was trying to help us to change our mindset towards agile and scrum. It was not a theoretical session but an interactive one. I am giving below some of the key takeaways from the session.

  • Scrum is one of the method (probably the most simple one) to follow agile. There are other methods of agile out there as well.
  • The length of a scrum team usually should be between 5 to 9 people.
  • There are scrum master, product owner, developers and testers in a scrum team.
  • Product owner creates a collection of requirements called product backlog where everything saved as stories which needs to be done for the product be successful.
  • Sprint is a fixed time duration (usually 2 to 4 weeks) where team develop and test some specific stories of the product.
  • At the start of every sprint there is a session called sprint planning happens where sprint goal has been decided and based on that sprint backlog has been created from product backlog.
  • Every day a session take place which is called daily scrum. On it every one specify three things. What he did yesterday, what he will do today and any blockers. It should take only 15 minutes and not more than that. Discussing things in detail is a bad practice in this session.
  • At the end of every sprint there is sprint review session where team used to give demo of their work of that sprint to customers.
  • Also at the end of every sprint there is a session called sprint retrospective where team discuss what went good and bad in the sprint.
  • Scrum team should be mature enough to take requirements so that sprint goal can be mate. There is no leader in the team. Everyone is equal.
  • Once a story has been placed in a sprint there will be no change in that. Any required change needs to go product backlog for future sprints. Once sprint starts no one should change the sprint goal and add more stories in it.
  • The advantage of agile is quicker delivery of small features to production. It will help quicker revenue. Product owner can change requirements based on changing market more easily.

Delete Instagram account

Why I want to delete?

I want to delete my Instagram account permanently because I want to use online social network platforms as less as possible. I was using Instagram for picture sharing mostly. I don’t think that is necessary any more. Also it is difficult to share a group of pictures with friends on Instagram. You need to share all the pictures with them. Now it is meaningless to use so many different social network platforms for different usage.

How I will share my pictures

I will use OneDrive to share my pictures with friends. It will be easy. I will create different folders for different collections of pictures and share them. I can also revoke share any time. I can add and remove people from sharing. I will have full control and flexibility.


I will delete my Instagram account to reduce social network platforms usage. I will delete all the existing pictures from there. For picture sharing going forward I will use my OneDrive share folders.