Email ‘backup’ and ‘archive’ with Outlook

We can manage our email with ‘Microsoft Outlook’ very easily. It has many powerful features with which we can work and manage our emails. It is the best email client for the ‘Windows’ desktop. The particular features on I am talking about today is ‘Backup’ and ‘Archive’ of emails.

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Mail Merge process

Why we need mail merge?

Sometimes we need to send same email to more than one recipients but we don’t want to let the recipients know about what are the other people are there in the ‘to’ list of the email. We want as, everyone gets the email individually with only their name in the ‘to’ section. One very normal solution of this problem is, copy the mail body paste every time for different people. There are couple of significant problems with this method. Firstly, say if we need to send the email to 50 people, then we need to paste it 50 times. That is a lot of unnecessary work. Secondly, we cannot customize the body of the email for each recipient because it is just plain old copy and paste process.

The actual solution of this problem is ‘mail merge’. With ‘mail merge’ we can send more than one people same email with little bit of customization for the individual people without copy and paste. We need to setup the recipients, then compose the email body and with single send button click say 50 or 100 recipients will get the email. That is the power of ‘mail merge’.

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Office 365

‘Office 365’ is a cloud based productivity solution from ‘Microsoft’ given as a subscription basis. It has desktop applications like ‘Word’, ‘Excel’, ‘PowerPoint’ and some services like ‘OneDrive’ and ‘Skype’. You can also use ‘Word’, ‘Excel’, ‘PowerPoint’ in online version.

The main difference between previous ‘Office’ and ‘Office 365’ is, the pricing process. ‘Office 365’ is subscription basis (not one time). You need to give money every year to continue working with ‘Office 365’. By doing a subscription you will get some facilities like free upgrade of new desktop applications when it will available, chat support from ‘Microsoft’ in case of any problem. This process is called ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). You are not paying for the product instead you are paying for the service and the service includes the products.

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